Indonesia, Sea storm in southern of West Java

09:29 Jul 26 2018 West Java Province

Indonesia, Sea storm in southern of West Java Indonesia, Sea storm in southern of West Java
West Java Province disaster management agency (BPBD) reported destructive sea storm and high waves in five regencies, southern part of West Java Provinces; i.e. Sukabumi, Cianjur, Garut, Tasikmalaya and Pangandaran regencies.

In Sukabumi Regency sea wave observed 3.5 to 4 meters, and as results
1) 28 kiosks damaged
2) 7 boats damaged
3) Seawall damaged

In Cianjur Regency sea wave observed more than 6.5 meters, as results
1) coastal zone in Cidaun, Sindangbarang and Agrabinta districts were damaged.
2) assessment is still ongoing

In Garut Regency sea wave observed 4-5 meters, and as results:
1) 30 houses damaged
2) 13 kiosks damaged
3) 16 boats damaged

In Tasikmalaya Regency sea wave observed more than 5 meters, and as results
1) 47 families / 136 people displaced
2) Shrimp fisheries destoryed
3) Kiosks damaged

In Pangandaran Regency sea wave observed 4-6 meters, and as results
1) 32 kiosks damaged
2) 2 boats damaged
3) Retention wall damaged
4) assessment is still ongoing
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: southern West Java Province


Affected Families: 1350
Affected Persons: 5760
Displaced Persons: 136


Damaged houses: 77Loss of livelihood sources: 73 kiosks damaged, 22 boats destroyed, aquaculture areas damagedAccess to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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