Myanmar - Flooding in Mon State

18:23 Jul 25 2018 Mon State

On July 26, Myawaddy

Mon and Karen State area of ​​the box. The disaster occurred flood reached the turn in order to meet public support of the Secretary of the National Committee for Disaster Management, Social welfare, Deputy Minister for Relief and Resettlement U Soe Aung and his team on (25-7-2018) evening, Karen, Size window had visited monasteries ဓမ္မသုခ flood Fleeing people in household (20) (101) meets the first to encourage rice worth money, food Household, Canned fish, eggs, Support to the noodles, Confectionery children Local officials, Elders, coordinate and integrate the needs of local people.

The Secretary of the National Committee for Disaster Management and the team visited more Myawaddy Township disaster management team members, Elders and Summerhouse The disaster occurred during the meeting and the support work carried out by the Ministry of Climate changes in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, including the people in order to face the best response from all about the associated need for a properly balanced cooperation in the region to discuss the situation needs to be used during the flood emergency Boat, River creek-educated students for life-saving jackets me, Sudden floods during temporary shelter to give to be able to provide the necessary support Tents

Afterwards Myawaddy opened to avoid the flood, but dropped back to the base (12) bagged the remaining conditions of the market of the island opened in flood camps from household population (27) (140) was cordially helped provide food for children and Confectionery loyal volunteers helping about And thanked and aid officials, to ensure no wastage Flood into their possession to avoid public effectively discussed for continued assistance to ensure a low level valley ထွက်ပေါက်မရှိ areas in order to pump water pump water mills aid services and fulfill its reporting.
Additional Data
Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Mon and Karen State


Affected Families: 2904
Affected Persons: 12534


Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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