Indonesia, Drought in Banyumas, Central Java

08:20 Jul 19 2018 Banyumas, Central Java

-- Updated report, 25 July 2018 --
Ministry of Health, Health Crisis Center, reported drought have expanded to Sumpiuh, Tambak, Somagede, and Kalibagor districts.
A total number of 2312 people / 585 families.
Local disaster management agency (BPBD) dropped 23,000 liter to the affected areas.

-- Updated report, 21 July 2018--
Ministry of Health, Health Crisis Center, reported drought in Purwojati, Banyumas, Central Jakarta on 21 July 2018. In total, 86 families/ 344 people were influenced due to this event. Initial response came from Regional Preparedness and Response in Disaster that supplied 10,000 litres of water in the affected area.

-- Initial report, 19 July 2018--
Health Crisis Center of Ministry of Health reported drought in Banyumas, Central Java on 19 July 2018. Due to low rainfall intensity, 473 families/ 1739 people in two districts (Purwajati and Sumiuh) were influenced by drought. There are no casualties due to this event.
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Affected Area / Region: Banyumas, Central Java


Affected Families: 585
Affected Persons: 2312


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