Indonesia, Flood in Southeast Sulawesi Province

13:29 Jun 27 2018 North Konawe regency, Konawe regency and South Konawe Regency

Indonesia, Flood in Southeast Sulawesi Province
Health Crisis Center, Ministry of Health reported flooding in several regencies of Southeast Sulawesi Province: North Konawe, Konawe and South Konawe regencies.

In north Konawe, Langgkima districts, 34 houses were completely submerged and its inhabitants were affected.

In Konawe Regency, flood inundated villages in Anggaberi, Pondidaha Lambuya and Anggota districts. A total of 285 families / 1140 people were displaced.

In South Konawe Regency, flood inundated areas in North Moramo district. In total 96 households / 357 people have been displaced: 46 infant, 51 elementary school children, 3 expectant mothers, 20 elderly and 3 people with disability. Local health workers have fulfilled sanitation and health services.

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