Indonesia - Earthquake in Sarmi, Papua Province

07:57 Jun 15 2018 Sarmi, Papua Province

Indonesia - Earthquake in Sarmi, Papua Province

The tectonic earthquake with a strength of 5.7 SR shook the area of ​​Sarmi Regency on 15/6/2018 at 07.57 WIB. BMKG reported the earthquake with epicenter located at coordinates 1.93 LS and 138.93 BT, or precisely located at sea near the coast at a distance of 67 km northwest of Sarmi, Papua Province at a depth of 10 km.

Considering the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, it appears that this umi gempab belongs to the shallow earthquake classification resulting from the subduction activity of the Pacific Plate in New Guinea Trench north of Jayapura. BMKG analysis results, the source mechanism indicates that this earthquake is triggered by tilting enlargement which is a commission between horizontal and upward movement (oblique-thrust). The earthquake is not a potential tsunami.

People around Sarmi feel a strong shock for 2-3 seconds. People panicked and scattered outside the house. Temporary report from BPBD Kabupaten Sarmi there are 3 people seriously injured due to crashing house ruins. As many as 118 houses were damaged, 86 houses were severely damaged and 32 houses were slightly damaged.

BPBD Kabupaten Sarmi deployed a rapid reaction team to collect data collection. The main obstacle is the distance and the road to the affected location is in a state of serious damage, making it difficult for rapid reaction teams to collect data and distribute aid. Distance between districts is far apart and access is limited. Data collection is still done by BPBD. BNPB posts continue to monitor and coordinate with BPBD Kabupaten Sarmi.

Head of Information Data and Public Relations Center of BNPB

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Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Sarmi, Papua


Injured: 3


Damaged houses: 86 houses were severely damaged and 32 houses were slightly damaged

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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