Myanmar - Flooding in Saw Township

11:21 Jun 9 2018 Saw Township

Saw – Seven people including students were carried away by flood waters caused by torrential rain in Saw Township, Magway region on June 7 and aftermath reports claimed one dead and three were still missing.

“Six students crossed Thikone creek when the water was raging. They were Chin ethnics and this morning, we recovered a child’s body. Three other people: a woman and two students are still missing. The rest returned to their homes alive. We will continue the search and rescue operation,” said Myanmar Red Cross Society member San Myint from the township.

“Thikone creek flowed into Saw stream. We searched in the creek and found the body about three miles away from the place they were swept away. About 30 people from Myanmar Red Cross Society, Fire Services Department and police force are making search and rescue operation. They lived in Kanpatlet. They stayed in the tents built in their farms,” he said.
Additional Data
Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Saw Township


Missing: 3
Affected Persons: 68697


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