Myanmar - Flooding in Kani Township

11:44 Jun 5 2018 Kani Township

Myanmar - Flooding in Kani Township
Torrential rain causes flood in Kani Township, Sagaing Region
KALAY- Due to torrential rain, plantations, dams and roads were destroyed in Kani Township, Sagaing Region. Moreover, it caused the bank erosion.

“Many plantations and roads are being flooded. Parhe village is still collecting the damaged lists. This year, some parts which never face the flooding are inundated. Southern Parhe village is being flooded. Moreover, the rain flooded Onion, Sesame and Bean plantations. Parhe creek is flooded due to heavy rain so also embankments are broken down. Some villages aren’t phoning while raining,” said MP Tun Tun Win from Kani Township.

Furthermore, Parhe creek in Kani Township had swollen and flooded nearby areas yesterday morning.

“We have to face torrent rain yearly. But, this year torrent rain is very worst. About 40 houses and paddy strains were flooded. Our cattle are being evacuated to safer places. Six motorbikes were swamped. Rain started from around 11pm of June 5th to yesterday morning. That’s why we can’t control the overflow of water. In our village, there are around 200 houses. At present, we can’t look at the plantations. But, we inspect the damage of roads and gutters. I think plantations will be flooded. At present, no vehicles can drive because roads were seriously damaged. The heavy rain had made the roads very muddy and mountain stream. It is raining about 8 days. Some farmers lost their paddy strains,” said Ahe Myint from Kani Township.

Likewise, torrential rain has flooded some wards in Namptlan village, Thibaw Township, northern Shan State.

Although Namptlan village had never seen the flooding in the past, the flooding frequently occurs in the village due to forest depletion, according to the locals.

“Torrent rain had overflowed on the Mandalay-Lashio Union Highway near Kyaukme Township. We ordered the drivers to pass through the Union Highway systematically aiming to avoid the danger. However, a vehicle fell into the road side avoiding another car. There was no injury. Now, water decreases on the Union Highway,” said Thet Swe from Oriental Highway in Kyaukme Township.

Flood has occurred in northern Shan State after continuous downpours and overflowing the torrent rain.


Flooding had destroyed crops of nearly 70,000 acres
Additional Data
Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Kani Township / Saging Region


Affected Families: 200


Damaged houses: 40Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): roads are damagedLoss of livelihood sources: 380 ha rice fieldsAccess to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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