Indonesia, Storm in Southeast Minahasa Regency

05:00 May 31 2018 Southeast Minahasa Regency

Indonesia, Storm in Southeast Minahasa Regency
Health Crisis Center of Ministry of Health reported major storm in the coast of Southeast Minahasa Regency on 31 May 2018, 0500hrs local time (UTC+8).
The storm caused wave height of around 5-6 meters in Pusomaen Jaga 2 and Jaga 3 Districts, and destroyed 19 houses in the villages. In addition, two boats were destroyed.

Approximately, 20 families / 100 people were affected due to this event.

BPBD Southeast Minahasa Regency has provided food aid and assistance to affected population.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Southeast Minahasa


Affected Families: 20
Affected Persons: 100


Damaged houses: 19Loss of livelihood sources: 2 boatsAccess to early warning: YesCost of Damage (USD): IDR 25 million.

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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