Brunei Darussalam, Floods in Tutong District

14:50 Jun 2 2018 Tutong district

Brunei Darussalam, Floods in Tutong District Brunei Darussalam, Floods in Tutong District
BRUNEI Darussalam is currently experiencing uncertain weather conditions causing heavy downpour as well as thundershowers, leading to flash floods particularly at lowland areas.

The Fire and Rescue Department has found that a number of roads in Tutong District have been affected by floods including Jalan Keranching, Jalan Benutan in Kampong Benutan, Jalan Kuala Ungar/Rambai and Jalan Bengkuru in Mukim Rambai. Currently, these roads are not accessible for low or salon vehicles.

The Fire and Rescue Department has been put on 24 hours standby and has carried out patrol on land and coastal areas to take extra precautions.

The department has advised members of the public especially residents around or nearby flood-prone areas to always be aware of their safety.

The public has also been advised to obtain information on weather conditions from time to time; monitor the water level of their surroundings; not let children play outside particularly at affected areas; keep important documents at a safe place, and keep enough supplies of subsistence as well as emergency relief supplies.

Brunei Four-Wheel Drive Association (PKTLB) and Lotus Light Charity Society (LLCS) joined forces to help the needy in Tutong and Kampong Sungai Mau, Bukit Sawat and Merangking in Ulu Belait on May 31.
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Country: Brunei
Affected Area / Region: Tutong district



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