Vietnam - Strong winds, landslides, thunderstorms and hailstorms across 4 provinces

11:09 May 9 2018 Tuyen Quang, Hoa Mac, Vinh Long, Tay Ninh, Ca Mau

Tuyen Quang: According to a quick report by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tuyen Quang province, on the night of 8 am on May 9, heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and hail in the districts of Ham Yen, Yen Son 194 houses were damaged (02 houses collapsed, 04 houses were seriously damaged, 30-70%, 188 houses were partially destroyed). 02 classrooms of Yen Phu Primary School Yen Phu district, Ham Yen district also have full speed roof; 41.23 ha of rice; 31.7 hectares of broken maize; 46.7 hectares of crops were damaged; 01 power lines are broken, 06 power poles are spilled and some assets, household utensils such as TV, cement; solar panels, kitchen damaged roof speed.

The housing of the people in Hoa Mac (Van Ban, Lao Cai) roof speed due to heavy rain, winds tugged. (Photo: QUOC HONG - HUU HUYNH)

Vinh Long province: The Steering Committee for CIP and TAMC of Vinh Long province said that at 06:30 on May 08, 1818 on the Hai Quy channel in Thanh Phuoc ward, Binh Minh town occurred landslide with length 40m wide, 4-6m wide and there is a risk of continuing landslide with a length of 230m. Landslide has affected 7 households with 31 people.

Tay Ninh province: According to the report of May 09, 1818, by the Standing Office of the Provincial Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, on May 8, Estimated value of loss about 80 million.

Ca Mau province: At 14:00 on 09/5/2018, Le Viet Thuan (born in 1981) was struck by lightning while running in group 7, the 8th, Ca Mau city.

Immediately following the natural disaster, the People's Committees of districts and cities have directed the specialized agencies to take the situation and coordinate with the People's Committees of the damaged communes and wards to verify the number of affected households. and at the same time guide the people to expeditiously repair the damage, ensure the stability of life and production.
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam
Affected Area / Region: Tuyen Quang, Hoa Mac, Vinh Long, Tay Ninh, Ca Mau


Affected Families: 7
Affected Persons: 31


Damaged houses: 194Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 2 schoolsDamaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 01 power lines are broken, 06 power poleLoss of livelihood sources: 41.23 ha of rice; 31.7 hectares of broken maize; 46.7 hectares of crops were damagedAccess to early warning: Yes

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