Indonesia, Volcanic Eruption in Mt Ibu, North Maluku

17:33 May 1 2018 Mount Ibu

G. Ibu, North Maluku.VONA last sent with color code ORANGE, published May 1, 2018 at 17:33 WIT related eruption with ash column height about 1825 m above sea level or about 500 m above top, column moving ash direct to the east.

Mother's Steps (Halmahera).
Mother's Mountain in Halmahera North is one of the volcanoes in Indonesia whose eruption has been since 2000 until today. Its current status is Level II (Beware). Primary danger threats are primarily near the summit and sectoral direction towards the North Crater openings, the secondary danger of lava flows along the riverside streams around the summit G. The mother, as well as the ashes of air in the air that can interfere with flight.
From yesterday to this morning visually the volcanic peaks can be observed until the mist is covered. The explosive / blast columns are white to light gray intensities until they are mild to moderate to 200-600 m above the summit. Wind blows moderately to the north and east. Through the seismograph on May 2, 2018 it was noted around 150 volcanic tremors.
The Geological Agency through PVMBG and Mount Ibu monitoring system continues to monitor the development of volcanic activity and always coordinate with the implementation unit (satlak) of Mount Ibu and BPBD of West Halmahera regarding the eradication of the Mount Ibu potential volcanic eruption .
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia


Affected Persons: 35000


Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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