Indonesia, Volcanic Eruption in Mt Marapi, West Sumatera

20:10 May 2 2018 AGAM, SUMATERA BARAT

G. Marapi, Sumatera Barat.VONA last sent ORANGE color code, was published on May 2, 2018 at 08:10 pm, related to eruption with the altitude of ash column about 6891 m above sea level or about 4000 m above the peak. The ash column is leaning towards the southeast.

Health Crisis of Ministry of Health reported that volcano named Mt.Marapi was erupted in 16 districts, i.e. Tanjung Mutiara,Lubuk Basung,Tanjung Raya,Matur, IV Koto,Banuhampu,IV Angkat Candung,Kecamatan Baso,Tilatang Kamang,Palupuh,Pelembayan,Sungai Pua,Ampek Nagari,Candung,Kamang Magek, Malalak, Agam, West Sumatra.

The material exploded and reached 300 meters in depth to the south east direction. The status is in Level II. From the updated information, there is no people displaced, although the daily lives have been affected.

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