Indonesia, Flood in Kampar Regency

10:15 Apr 9 2018 Kampar Regency

Health Crisis Center of Ministry of Health reported floods due to the overflow of Kampar River in Gunung Sahilan and Sungai Paku villages of Kampar Regency. It was reported the flood depth was around 50 cm in both villages.

In Sungai Paku Village, 47 families / 147 people were affected.
In Gunung Sahilan Village, 85 families / 228 people were affected.
Kampar Regency local disaster management agency (BPBD) reported 85 houses, a mosque and schools in both villages were inundated due to this event.

As of 10 April 2018, BPBD Kampar Regency reported that flood has started to recede.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Kampar Regency


Affected Families: 132
Affected Persons: 375


Damaged houses: 85Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): SchoolsDamaged public buildings / facilities: 1 MosqueAccess to early warning: No

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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