Thailand - Bangkok Floods

01:50 Apr 3 2018 Huai Khwang and Bang Na District

A lightning storm dumped heavy rain on parts of Bangkok late Monday and early Tuesday.

Streets and shops in several areas were flooded.

Rain was particularly heavy in the Huai Khwang and Bang Na areas of the city.

The storm followed a forecast issued on Monday by the Meteorological Department of likely heavy rain and summer storms from Thursday to Saturday. The warning covered Bangkok and other areas.

High pressure from China will move across the upper part of the country during this period, bringing strong winds, thunder and lightning storms to the Northeast and then the North and Central regions.

More than 50 provinces across the country are expected to be hit by thunderstorms, according to the department. Hail and flash floods can also be expected in some areas.

Twenty northeastern provinces, eight in the east, seven in the central region, as well as Bangkok and neighbouring provinces will be hit by thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday.

After Saturday, the northeastern and eastern regions will experience a decrease in rainfall but the northern region and some central provinces, as well as Bangkok and its vicinity, can expect more rain.

Fishing vessels operating in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are advised to proceed with caution as rough seas are forecast with 2-3 metre high waves. Small boats are advised to remain in port.
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Country: Thailand


Affected Persons: 172367


Access to early warning: Yes

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