Thailand - Hailstorms damage houses in Northeast

13:13 Apr 7 2018 Si Thani Village, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Heavy hailstorms hit Khon Kaen province overnight, ripping off trees and power poles and causing damage to more than 100 houses. Several villages in Ubon Ratana district of this northeastern province were affected by hail, which left many houses with no roofs.

Samroeng Soboonma, assistant district chief, said hailstorms, thunder and heavy downpours hit Ubon Ratana district from late Friday evening to the next morning. Tambon Srisuksamrarn was the worst-hit area. Injuries were reported as some houses collapsed after being struck by heavy storms, said the assistant district chief as he led local officials and soldiers to survey damage at five hail-hit villages.

The survey foun+d hailstorms caused damaged to 107 houses in five villages. Local authorities have provided initial assistance to affected residents and evacuated them to safer areas, said Mr Sarmroeng.

The Meteorological Department said outbreaks of storms, thunder, gusty winds, hail and downpours were likely to hit the North, the lower Northeast, the Central regions, including Bangkok and its vicinity, and the East today. In its weather warning issued on Saturday morning, the department warned residents in upper Thailand to keep off unsecured buildings and outdoor areas.

During April 7-9, the strong easterly winds across the Gulf of Thailand with more rain and isolated downpours are expected in the South. Wind waves in the Gulf and the Andaman become strong with 2-3 metres high said the department. All ships are advised to proceed with caution, and small boats in the Guld keep ashore.
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Damaged houses: 107

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