Indonesia, Flood in Sukabumi Regency

13:22 Mar 24 2018 Sukabumi Regency

Indonesia, Flood in Sukabumi Regency Indonesia, Flood in Sukabumi Regency
Crisis Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Health reported a flood event in Sukabumi Regency on 24 March 2018. The flood was caused by heavy rainfall, which overflow the Cipalabuhan and Cikaso rivers.

Five districts were affected due to this event, namely Pelabuhan Ratu, Cisolok, Cibitung, Cidolog, Tegalbuleud. On average the flood inundation height was reported to be around 100 cm. The most affected area was Pelabuhan Ratu District, with its seaport dock and fish market inundated. Local government is still assessing the impact.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Sukabumi


Affected Families: 350
Affected Persons: 1750 (approx)


Damaged public buildings / facilities: Seaport and fish market were inundated

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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