Viet Nam, Hailstorms in Ha Giang

15:43 Mar 5 2018 Ha Giang

Viet Nam, Hailstorms in Ha Giang
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Tens of houses and several hectares of vegetable crops in the northern mountain province of Hà Giang were reportedly damaged in hailstorms on Sunday.

Nguyễn Cao Cường, chairman of the People’s Committee of Mèo Vạc District, said the unusual hailstorms and whirlwinds occurred in the three districts of Mèo Vạc, Đồng Văn and Yên Minh.

According to preliminary reports, a hailstorm blew away a medical station and the roofs of nearly 70 houses in Mèo Vạc District.
In Đồng Văn and Yên Minh districts, hailstorms damaged dozens of houses and several hectares of vegetable crops. There were no reports of any casualty.

The local Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Mitigation urgently coordinated with local authorities to compile accurate statistics on the damages. The commune authorities were asked to use the reserve budget to support the families whose houses were damaged.

Ha Giang is located at the top north of Viet Nam, bordering with China.
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam
Affected Area / Region: Ha Giang


Affected Families: 70
Affected Persons: 350 (approx)


Damaged houses: 70Damaged medical facilities (e.g. hospital): Medical stationLoss of livelihood sources: Several hectares of vegetable cropsAccess to early warning: No

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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