Indonesia, Flood in Lampung Tengah

15:45 Feb 26 2018 Lampung Tengah

National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) reported 10 districts were flooded in Central Lampung Regency on 26/2/2018, now most of them have receded leaving mud and damage.

Heavy rain caused 4 overflowing rivers ie Way Seputih, Way Pengubuan, Way Tipo, and Way Tatayan. The floods that soaked 10 sub-districts in Central Lampung include Gunung Sugih, Seputih Agung, Bumiratu Nuban, Pengubuan, Bekri, Bandar Mataram, Seputih Banyak, Big bands, Bandarsurabaya, and Seputih Mataram.

The impact of flooding in Central Lampung caused 6 people were killed. 458 households were affected and hundreds of houses were submerged. They were in Kampung Goras Jaya with 276 families, Sinar Banten 161 families, Kesuma Jaya Village 12 families and Kampung Kesumadadi 9 families. Emergency treatment is continuing.

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