Singapore, Flash Flood in Seletar North

17:23 Jan 30 2018 Upper Selatar Pumping Station, Mandai, Northwest, Singapore

In a statement late Tuesday evening, PUB confirmed that the flash flood occurred at about 5.20pm at Seletar North Link on Punggol Barat Island and that it subsided at 5.45pm.

Seletar North Link runs through Punggol Barat Island.

"The overland flow from the storm exceeded the capacity of the roadside drains, causing the flash flood on the road," said PUB, adding that Seletar North Link saw a similar flood last December.

PUB also said it was in the process of constructing two temporary drains to alleviate flooding in the area, one of which will be completed in mid-February. The other will be ready in May.

"More permanent drainage is planned in tandem with upcoming developments in the area," it added.

In its statement, PUB said Singapore was still "experiencing the northeast monsoon season, which is expected to continue until March". It urged the public to exercise caution and to avoid stepping or driving into flooded areas. It also advised that the public tune in to radio broadcasts or check its MyWaters app for flood updates.
Additional Data
Country: Singapore
Affected Area / Region: Seletar North


Affected Families: tba
Affected Persons: tba
Displaced Persons: tba


Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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