Indonesia – Thousands Affected by Floods in Sulawesi

05:13 Jun 6 2017 Gorontalo, 96114, Indonesia

Recent floods in three provinces on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, have left at one dead and 3 missing, with over a dozen homes destroyed and thousands of people displaced.

Indonesian Meteorological agency BMKG has issued warnings of potential heavy rain in many parts of Indonesia for the next 2 days at least.

Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Disaster Prevention Agency (BNPB) reported on 05 June that the Tuwelei and Lembe rivers overflowed in Tolitoli Regency on 03 June, leaving some areas under 1 to 3 metres of water. At least one person died and 1 is still missing.

The worst hit districts included Lampasio, Baolan, Galang and Dako Pamean. In total over 50,000 households were affected. In Dako Pamean 15 houses and a bridge were completely destroyed and a major road between Tolitoli and Palu City is blocked.

Some parts of the regency had seen flooding a few days earlier on after heavy rain on 31 May. Authorities say that the flood water has started to recede.

North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Heavy rain over the last few days caused rivers to rise in areas around Kotamobagu City on 03 June.

Two children are missing after they were swept away by flood water. As of 05 June, authorities were still searching for the missing children.

Gorontalo, Indonesia

Flood also affected Province of Gorontalo on 02 June 2017. As many as 484 houses were damaged and 2,747 people were affected by flood in Gorontalo District. Additionally, 2,000 people were displaced in Bone Bolango District.

BNPB reports that heavy rain caused some rivers to overflow in the province, including the Marisa river near Limboto Barat, the Moloupo river in Limboto and the Monggelomo river in Tibawa sub-district. The flooding has since subsided.

In their report, BNPB added that the regular flooding seen in Gorontalo is caused by upland destruction and increased sedimentation in rivers and Lake Limboto. Upstream areas have been converted to agricultural land and a settlement has developed on what was previously a floodplain.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Central, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo


Death: 1
Missing: 3
Affected Families: 50000
Affected Persons: 2747
Displaced Persons: 2000


Damaged houses: 499Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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