Indonesia – Deadly Floods in Magelang, Central Java Province

05:02 May 3 2017 Magelang, Central Java, 56126, Indonesia

Indonesia – Deadly Floods in Magelang, Central Java Province
At least 10 people have died in flash floods in Magelang Regency in Central Java province, Indonesia.

The floods struck on 29 April after a period of heavy rain, according to Indonesia’s national disaster management agency BNPB. Flooding affected several hamlets near the villages of Sambungrejo and Citrosono, both in Grabag Sub-district.

BNPB says that 4 people were injured and 2 people are still missing. Search operations are continuing. Over 1,500 personnel from military, police, local emergency services, volunteers and disaster agencies are working in the area carrying out search and relief efforts.

Around 170 people from 46 families have been forced to evacuate their homes and are staying in a local mosque or with friends or relatives. Over 70 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the floods.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia


Death: 10
Missing: 2
Injured: 4
Affected Families: 46
Affected Persons: 170


Damaged houses: 70

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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