Indonesia, Impact of Tropical Depression Cempaka

20:16 Nov 28 2017 Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java and Bali

Indonesia, Impact of Tropical Depression Cempaka Indonesia, Impact of Tropical Depression Cempaka Indonesia, Impact of Tropical Depression Cempaka
= Update as of 4 December 2017 =
Local disaster management agency of Yogyakarta (BPBD) reported due to Tropical Depression Cempaka & Tropical Cyclone Dahlia, there were 430 spots flooded, 224 spots damaged due to strong winds and 433 spots damaged due to landslide.

= Update as of 28 November 2017 =
Tropical Depression (TD) Cempaka that being tracked 32 km in southeast of Pacitan regency, with a sustained wind speed of 65 km/h, on 28 November 2017 has caused floods and landslides in 21 cities/regencies in Java and Bali. The affected areas include regencies of Situbondo, Sidoarjo, Pacitan, Wonogiri, Ponorogo, Serang, Sukabumi, Purworejo, Tulungagung, Semarang, Klaten, Malang, Wonosobo, Klungkung, Gunung Kidul, Kulon Progo, Sleman, Bantul, Kudus, Sukoharjo and Yogyakarta city.

The most affected areas are in Pacitan regency where 11 people died and more than 4,000 people evacuated to Pacitan Sport Hall and Sirnoboyo Mosque. Main road access between regencies of Pacitan and Ponorogo also closed down. In total, 13 villages in 3 districts of Pacitan District (villages of Sirnoboyo, Sukoharjo, Kayen, Kembang, Ploso, Arjowinangun, Sidoharjo), Kebon Agung District (villages of Purworejo, Banjarjo, Kebon Agung), and Arjosari District (villages of Pagutan, Jatimalang and Arjosari)

TD Cempaka also causing floods and landslides in several locations of Yogyakarata Province. Two major flooding spots observed in Gunung Kidul regency, 2 spots in Kulonprogo, 2 schools inundated (SMK Pelayaran & SMP 3 Satosari). Landslide also observed in 16 spots of Bantul, 1 2 spots in Kulonprogo, 1 spot in Gunung Kidul and 3 spots in Sleman.

TD Cempaka has completely gone from Indonesian areas on 29 November 2017. Emergency response to TD Cempaka have been carried out by BPBD Pacitan, Indonesian Military, Police, Basarnas and related agencies. Disasters induced by TD Cempaka are within the capacity of Indonesian local and national government agencies.

Infographic from Yogyakarta BPBD:

Infographic from Indonesian Red Cross:

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Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: 21 cities/regencies in Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java and Bali


Death: 19
Injured: 11
Affected Persons: 15176
Displaced Persons: 15176 (maximum)
Evacuation Centre: 2


Damaged houses: 3591Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 4Damaged medical facilities (e.g. hospital): 2Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 22 bridges, 28 spots in provincial roads, 54 electrical poles, 7 telecommunication poles damagedLoss of livelihood sources: 8,000 thousands of agricultural land inundated.Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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