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Indonesia, Landslide in Kerinci 0 Verified

10:17 Jan 27, 2013

Heavy rain triggered landslide incident in Lempur Tengah village, Kerinci district, Province of Jambi. This event caused the following casualties... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Agam, West Sumatera 0 Verified

06:45 Jan 27, 2013

Reported by the Agam Disaster Management Agency (BPBD of Agam district), a landslide incident has buried several houses in Jorong Data Dadok... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Jayapura 0 Unverified

00:15 Jan 24, 2013

Due to continuous heavy rainfall for two (2) consecutive days, Landslide has occur in: Village level: Imbi Subdistrict: North Jayapura District/city:... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide killed 6 people in Bogor 0 Verified

12:00 Jan 16, 2013

On 16 January 2012, a landslide incident in Mega Mendung, district of Bogor has caused 6 death. 3 houses, 1 mosque and 1 store were also reported... More Information » « Less Information

Mega Mendung

Philippines, Effect of Tropical Depression BISING 0 Verified

06:00 Jan 12, 2013

The Tropical Depression BISING that entered the Philippines has caused several incidents of flashflood and landslide. Based on the NDRRMC SitRep... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Lebak, Banten 0 Unverified

18:20 Jan 11, 2013

Due to heavy rain, other than flood, landslide also occur in Banten. The affected area is: Province: Banten District: Lebak Sub-district: Cibadak,... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Magelang, Central Java 0 Unverified

17:38 Jan 05, 2013

Due to heavy rain, landslide occur in Magelang, Central Java. The affected area was: - Magelang District, Central Java Province Village:... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Sukabumi, West Java 0 Unverified

18:24 Jan 04, 2013

Landslide occur in Sukabumi, West Java. The affected area was: - Sukabumi District, West Java Province Village: Girimukti, Sub-district:... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide killed 2 people in Manado 0 Unverified

13:00 Dec 30, 2012

A landslide incident brought death to 2 people in Winangun Jambore village, Manado City. Another 2 people were also reportedly injured and 3... More Information » « Less Information

Winangon Jambore

Indonesia, Flood and Landslide in Province of West Sumatera 0 Unverified

02:22 Dec 30, 2012

Based on report of the Disaster Management Agency Province of West Sumatera (BPBD), flood and landslide incidents occurred in district of West... More Information » « Less Information

Cimparuah, Nagari Batahan

Indonesia, Flashflood in Province of North Sumatera 0 Unverified

15:30 Dec 29, 2012

A low pressure area in western of Nias island resulted high rain intensity in the area. Consequently, flashflood was reportedly occurred in... More Information » « Less Information

South Nias, West Nias, Mandailing Natal, Central Tapanuli

Philippines, Effect of Tropical Depression Wukong (Quinta) 0 Unverified

00:00 Dec 25, 2012

Glide: TC-2012-000206-PHL On 25 December 2012, a Low Pressure Area (LPA) that has been observed on east of Nothern Mindanao, has developed... More Information » « Less Information

Region V, VI, VII, VIII

Indonesia, Landslides in West Sumatera 0 Verified

12:00 Dec 24, 2012

Heavy rain has triggered several landslide incidents in Province of West Sumatera. Reported incidents were came from district of South Solok,... More Information » « Less Information

South Solok, Pasaman, Agam and Tanah Datar

Indonesia, Flashflood and Landslide killed 1 person in Cianjur 0 Verified

12:30 Dec 18, 2012

Flashflood and landslide incident in Cipendawa village of District Cianjur has caused 1 death and 2 injured. Furthermore, 41 families or 151... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Sukabumi 0 Verified

17:00 Dec 10, 2012

A landslide occurred in Cisolok, District of Sukabumi on 10 December 2012. Based on the Sukabumi Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) report, the... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Flood and Landslide in Cianjur, West Java. 0 Unverified

18:00 Dec 02, 2012

The overflow river of Cireang and Ciogong has made flooding in Sindangbarang municipality, Cianjur. It was reported that more than a hundred... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Flood and Landslide forced 500 families to evacuate in North Sumatera 0 Verified

13:00 Nov 29, 2012

As reported by the Disaster Management Agency Province of North Sumatera (BPBD), flood and landslide occurred in municipality of Kualuh Hulu... More Information » « Less Information

Kualuh Hulu Selatan, Marbau, Kualuh Hulu, and Aek Natas

Indonesia, Landslide in Tasikmalaya, West Java 0 Verified

16:30 Nov 25, 2012

A landslide buried 5 people in Cipalasari village, Tasikmalaya. Based on the report, the victims were at the river for an activity when suddenly,... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Flood and Landslide in Cilacap 0 Verified

21:00 Nov 22, 2012

Due to heavy rainfall on Thursday 22 November 2012, Several sub-districts in Cilacap, Central Java was hit by flood and landslide. The casualties... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide damaged Railway and Houses in Cilebut, West Java 0 Verified

18:00 Nov 21, 2012

Heavy rain on November 21, has triggered a land slide in Cilebut. Consequently, 22 houses were severely damaged so as a railway that served... More Information » « Less Information


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