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Viet Nam, Landslide and Floods in Province of Thanh Hoa and Ha Tinh 0 Verified

05:23 Sep 07, 2012

The Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control of Viet Nam reported flood and landslides in the coastal areas of Viet Nam which... More Information » « Less Information

Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh

Philippines, Landslide due to Heavy Rain in Cebu 0 Verified

17:20 Sep 04, 2012

A landslide incident occured at Sitio Pangilatan of Naga City due to heavy rain. The landslide hit a resident, in which lived a couple and their... More Information » « Less Information

Naga City, Cebu

Indonesia, Landslide in Manado, North Sulawesi 0 Verified

12:00 Aug 29, 2012

Intense and heavy rain has caused landslide in Nyiur Bumi Village, Manado City on Wednesday night, 29 August 2012 around 12:00 GMT. The reported... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Pangkalan Kuda Putih Nagari Alam, West Sumatera 0 Verified

15:00 Aug 27, 2012

A landslide has occured in Pangkalan Kuda Putih Nagari Alam sub-district, Province of West Sumatera. Because of the incident, the main road... More Information » « Less Information

Pangkalan Kuda Putih Nagari Alam

Indonesia, Flashflood Aceh Leuser 0 Verified

03:00 Aug 18, 2012

Flashflood occur in Naga Timbul Liang Village of Leuser, Aceh Tenggara. The casualties are 6 deaths, 2 missing, 53 houses heavily damaged,... More Information » « Less Information

Leuser, Aceh Tenggara

Philippines, Effect of Tropical Storm HELEN and Enhanced Southwest Monsoon 0 Verified

04:00 Aug 15, 2012

As estimated before, the Tropical Depression has become a Tropical Storm (TS), named as "HELEN", which advancing to northern part... More Information » « Less Information

Region I, II, III, IVB, and CAR

Indonesia, Landslide in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatera 0 Verified

13:15 Aug 14, 2012

A landslide has occured in Koto Kampung Dalam sub-district, district of Padang Pariaman, Province of West Sumatera. The incident has caused... More Information » « Less Information

Koto Kampung Dalam

Indonesia, Flood in Ambon 0 Verified

15:52 Aug 01, 2012

Tropical Storm Saola also affecting Eastern part of Indonesia, causing heavy rain in Ambon and creating flood in Ambon and vicinity such as... More Information » « Less Information


Viet Nam, Effect of Tropical Storm Vicente 0 Verified

17:11 Jul 27, 2012

Based on the UN Situation Report no.3 and the last update from CCFSC , the TS Vicente has caused Landslides and Flashflood in the Northern Provinces... More Information » « Less Information

Cao Bang, Lao Cai, Tuyen Quang, and Ha Giang

Indonesia, Flood and Landslide in Sangihe District, North Sulawesi 0 Verified

11:30 Jul 25, 2012

Flood and landslides occurred in Sangihe District, North Sulawesi on Tuesday, 24July 2012 at 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 pm. 1 death, 23 houses were severely... More Information » « Less Information

Sangihe, North Sulawesi

Indonesia, Cliff Landslide in Tasikmalaya, West Java 0 Verified

01:26 Jul 23, 2012

Cliff landslide occurred in the village of Pasirmalang RT 03 RW 02, Santanamekar Village, Cisayung District, Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia.... More Information » « Less Information

Pasirmalang RT 03 RW 02, Santanamekar Village, Cisayung District, Tasikmalaya, West Java

Philippines effect of Tropical Storm Dindo 0 Verified

17:59 Jun 26, 2012

Based on NDRRMC report on 1 July 2012, the efect of TS Dindo has caused Flashflood and landslides. Flashflood occurs in Malaybay city of Bukidnon,... More Information » « Less Information

Bukidnon Philippines

Indonesia, Landslide in Ambon 0 Verified

02:30 Jun 19, 2012

Heavy Rain due to the effect of Tropical Cyclone Guchol has caused landslide in Ambon at 2.30 AM. Landslide affecting subdistrict Sirimau of... More Information » « Less Information


Phlippines, Effects of Tropical Storm Butchoy or Guchol 0 Verified

06:00 Jun 18, 2012

As Typhoon Butchoy or Guchol move away from Philippines Regional Area, it also brings several impacts to the Philippines Luzon areas in the... More Information » « Less Information


Philippines, Effects of Shallow Low Pressure Area (SLPA) 0 Verified

18:00 Jun 13, 2012

Shallow low pressure areas (SLPAs) were affecting Mindanao and Luzon on 12 and 13 of June 2012. A total of 7 natural disaster incidents were... More Information » « Less Information


Philippines, Effect of Typhoon "Ambo" (MAWAR) 0 Verified

07:00 Jun 04, 2012

NDRRMC was upgraded the alert status for Typhoon Ambo from blue alert to red alert effective 8:00AM on 3 June 2012. As of 5 June 2012 Typhoon... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Landslide in Ambon 0 Verified

02:30 May 27, 2012

Due to continues heavy rainfall, last Sunday (27/5) at 02.30 Eastern Indonesian Time, landslide has occured in 10 places of 4 sub-districts... More Information » « Less Information


Indonesia, Mudflow from Mt. Gamalama affecting Ternate 0 Verified

02:00 May 09, 2012

Based on Indonesian Disaster Management Agency, Due to heavy rain Mudflow of Mt. Gamalama is affecting Ternate and North Maluku. Latest statistics... More Information » « Less Information

gamalama ternate

Indonesia, Landslide and mudflow in Central Java 0 Unverified

23:30 Feb 22, 2012

Due to heavy rainfall, landslide and mudflow occur in Magelang, Central Java at 23:30 22 February 2012. 5 sub-district, Jenawi, Ngargoyoso,... More Information » « Less Information

Karanganyar, Central Java

Philippines, Low Pressure Area 0 Verified

22:00 Feb 17, 2012

At 10:00 PM of 17 February 2012, the Low Pressure Area (LPA) at 380 Km southwest of Puerto Princesa City, where the tail end of a cold front... More Information » « Less Information


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