Indonesia, Flooding in Central Kalimantan Province

01:00 Jul 16 2017 Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Indonesia, Flooding in Central Kalimantan Province Indonesia, Flooding in Central Kalimantan Province
Widespread flooding occurred in Central Kalimantan. Five districts (i.e. Gunungmas, Katingan, Barito Utara, Murung Raya and Kapuas) were reportedly affected. Though the water has receded in some areas, the impact was significant that emergency response period was declared by the authority of Katingan and Kapuas from 16 to 29 July and Gunungmas from 18 to 31 July.

In Kapuas, at least 3,534 families were reportedly affected in four sub-districts. The total of affected people has not yet confirmed as the damage assessment was still being conducted. Furtermore, relief efforts have been continously conducted to help the flood affected people.

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