Thailand, Flood in Sukhothai, Loei and Phichit

01:00 May 22 2017 Khiri Mat, Sukhothai Province, Thailand

Thailand, Flood in Sukhothai, Loei and Phichit Thailand, Flood in Sukhothai, Loei and Phichit Thailand, Flood in Sukhothai, Loei and Phichit
The high rainfall intensity which brought heavy downpour and thunderstorm have caused widespread flooding and flash flood in northern and southern Thailand. The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) reported that the situation has improved in 14 of 15 flood affected provinces. Three provinces are reportedly still recovering from the flood i.e. Sukhothai, Loei and Phichit. The DDPM added that the flood in Sukhothai had caused 5 deaths (of total five) and affected 17,000 families. The flood also damaged 20 houses and 2,800 ha of farmland. In Loei, 2,300 people were affected by flood. Further, the flood also damaged 20 houses and 480 ha of farmland in Phichit.

In their effort to respond and recover the situation, the local authority has mobilised hundreds of personnel and other resources, such as boats, ambulances, etc to help the victims. Aid and relief items are continuously distributed to the flood affected people.

As of 28 May 2017, a total of five people people were reported to have died because of the flood. The DDPM also estimated that the floods has affected 39,654 people / 17,119 households, and damaged 17,655 rai (2,825 ha) of farmland.

As of 12 June, DDPM reported the flood has caused 5 deaths and affected 35,000 houses 30 provinces where 82 districts of 19 provinces declared the state of calamity due to flood.

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