Thailand, Storm hit Phetchabun and other provinces

01:00 Apr 24 2017 Phetchabun Province, Thailand

Thailand, Storm hit Phetchabun and other provinces Thailand, Storm hit Phetchabun and other provinces Thailand, Storm hit Phetchabun and other provinces
Storm has caused damaged in several provinces included Phetchabun, Kalasin, Trat, Ubon Ratchathani, Nan, Lopburi, Lampang and Khon Kaen. Based on the National News Bureau of Thailand , herewith the summary of the damaged houses in each affected province:
- Phetchabun 1107 houses
- Kalasin 210 houses
- Ubon Ratchathani 200 houses
- Nan 86 houses
- Lopburi 40 houses
- Lampang 100 houses
- Khon Kaen 200 houses

Toward the situation, the local government has actively provided assistance to the victims by setting up evacuation centre, distributing relief item, repairing the damaged houses and other facilities and many more. Many humanitarian organisation are also giving donation and helping actively the affected population.

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