Indonesia, Flood in West Limboto, Gorontalo

12:00 Nov 2 2012 West Limboto

The Gorontalo Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reported flood incident in West Limboto sub-district. The flood affected consecutively the village of Haya-haya, Padengo, Ombulo, Tenilo and Yosonegoro. Based on the report, the flood was caused by the overflow of Alopohu and Marisa due to heavy rain. Consequently, hundreds of homes were submerged with almost 2 meter depths-water and over 400 people were in despair because of it.

Toward the situation, the BPBD's emergency response team evacuated the victim to the safer place promptly. Relief item, such as blanket, food, water, baby supplies, etc have been also distributed. To date, aids are still coming from the provincial government.
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