Indonesia, Earthquake in East Lombok

14:07 Mar 17 2019 East Lombok

JAKARTA _ Earthquake tectonics again rocked East Lombok. An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 M was centered on land at 20 km north of Selong City, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province at a depth of 19 km on 3/17/2019 at 14.07 WIB. Lapse of two minutes later at 14.09.19 WIB aftershocks occurred with M = 5.1 with a depth of 10 km.

BMKG noted that the earthquake was included in the classification of shallow earthquakes due to local fault activities around Mount Rinjani. The results of the analysis of the source mechanism indicate that the earthquake was triggered by a normal fault.

The earthquake was felt strong for 2-5 seconds in East Lombok. People panic and scatter outside the house. Some buildings have collapsed and damaged.

Based on data collected by East Lombok BPBD, the impact of the earthquake caused 2 deaths, 44 people were injured, 32 houses collapsed and 499 houses were moderately damaged and lightly damaged.

2 people died were tourists from Malaysia who were crushed by avalanche material due to an earthquake in the area of ​​Tiu Kelep Waterfall, North Lombok Regency which is under the foot of Mount Rinjani. One victim has been identified in the name of Tommy (14 years) a Malaysian citizen, while the other has not been identified. The victims were injured as many as 44 people in which 36 were Indonesian citizens and 8 were Malaysian foreigners.

A total of 36 tourists (22 tourists from Malaysia and 14 archipelago tourists) were successfully evacuated from the Tiu Kelep Waterfall area in North Lombok. In addition, around 50 people were successfully evacuated from Pos 2 to Pos 3 on Mount Rinjani in safe conditions. They are the survey team of the Mount Rinjani hiking trail that comes from TNGR, BPBD NTB, Geopark, Porter, PVMBG, Orplas, TO, TNI, and Polri.

Emergency handling is still being carried out. BPBD coordinates with various parties such as the TNI, Polri, BMKG, Basarnas, SKPD, Tagana, volunteers and others. The BPBD Rapid Reaction Team conducted a rapid review and data collection on the impact of the earthquake. BPBD NTB has sent assistance in the form of ready-to-eat food, tarpaulins, side dishes, mattresses, instant noodles and eggs. Data collection continues.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
Head of BNPB's Data Information and Public Relations Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province


Death: 2
Injured: 44
Affected Families: 531
Affected Persons: 2655


Damaged houses: 531

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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